Prediction of the day before tommorow

•February 12, 2007 • 2 Comments

Of what the mystic power sais and what Andrew from sais i believe that your sister is a vampire and is going to join a secret vampire cult. So do somthing like join a werewolf cult or write a letter.


Horoscope for somebody in some book

•February 12, 2007 • 2 Comments

Today you will smuther rat guts on your sisters towl and she will try to throttle you.

a joke

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You will win a holiday to Mexico by winning Berts family feud 

you will  move to Colorado from Mexico

then find yourself liying on the streets with a half empty bottle of liquor

 Then win tatsloto

 Then be the don of mafia

 Then lose the respect of the mafia for voting for John Howard

then lose all Tatslotto money on criminal charges

 Then you will get the mafia trying to pull you down and get you in jail.

then be arrested for fraud by the mafia

then you will die miserably and alone in jail

 You must thank Bert Newton for all this.

that was the horoscope for Sagittarius this month of June 2009

My English year

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My English year for 2006 went quite well, even though i did get average i thought i did alright now i know your thinking why i am doing this, i am doing this because it is part of school work i guess.

During the year i did many storys, none of which made much sense i did a few projects including a Jurassic park thing where we all made a movie on how we think Jurassic park 4 will go.

We practised arguments and writing stories, we read 15 books as part of a wide spread reading challenge. I read about 17 books.

Overall i think i could have done better even though i did alright, i enjoyed a lot of english and i hope to see you next time.


By me. 

Heros Nomad

•August 22, 2006 • 3 Comments

I right now have to right about this, over written book called, Heros Nomad. I personly thought that the book was, over written and discribed it just a bit to much. I will tell you a bit about the story “I felt weak, powerless to stop the army of death in front of me, but i must defend my homeland, but, should i just slip into a black oblivion, an easy, painless death.”

So far i have to read it but i don’t realy want to, the only thing i want to happen is that the auther has put a lot less detail in the work, and i hope it picks up real soon.

Thats all for now. Budha Out.

Meat Pie

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It was lunch, and i was starving, and I was allured towards the popular pie stand. As i drew closer towards the gates of pie heaven, I started to float towards the pie stand. I came up next to the pie stand, and as i was reaching for my wallet to pay the man, I saw the price… Small meat pie $4.95 and large meat pie $ 9.95! I almost had a heart attack!

 I walked away, still starving. Then i smelled it, the greatest smelling pie in the universe, I looked over my shoulder, and there it was, the 4&20 pie stand. I walked over there, took out my wallet and payed the person $4.00 for a large pie. I took it out of the bag and took a bite into the best tasting pie in the universe. My heart rate went way up, as the rich flavour of meat and pastry swelled around in my mouth, causing my tastebuds to go wild.

After that i went to work knowing i was full for the rest of the day, until i found out i was poisioned and was in heaven, no wonder the pie was so bloody good.

4&20 pies, the best in the universe.

By Budha.


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