Meat Pie

It was lunch, and i was starving, and I was allured towards the popular pie stand. As i drew closer towards the gates of pie heaven, I started to float towards the pie stand. I came up next to the pie stand, and as i was reaching for my wallet to pay the man, I saw the price… Small meat pie $4.95 and large meat pie $ 9.95! I almost had a heart attack!

 I walked away, still starving. Then i smelled it, the greatest smelling pie in the universe, I looked over my shoulder, and there it was, the 4&20 pie stand. I walked over there, took out my wallet and payed the person $4.00 for a large pie. I took it out of the bag and took a bite into the best tasting pie in the universe. My heart rate went way up, as the rich flavour of meat and pastry swelled around in my mouth, causing my tastebuds to go wild.

After that i went to work knowing i was full for the rest of the day, until i found out i was poisioned and was in heaven, no wonder the pie was so bloody good.

4&20 pies, the best in the universe.

By Budha.


~ by budha on August 21, 2006.

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